Ge­om­e­try Wars 3

Lu­cid’s throw­ing shapes at the re­turn of this XBLA icon


360, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One

What’s next for Ge­om­e­try Wars? The team at Lu­cid cer­tainly has the pedi­gree to move the se­ries on, be­ing packed with refugees from the dis­so­lu­tion of Bizarre Cre­ations, which worked on Ge­om­e­try Wars as it evolved from an Easter egg in Project Gotham Rac­ing 2 to Xbox Live Ar­cade fig­ure­head and fi­nally a boxed game for DS and Wii. The XBLA re­lease was so suc­cess­ful that for a spell in the mid2000s, a colos­sal num­ber of down­load­able games were twin-stick shoot­ers. Few, how­ever, matched the el­e­gance of Ge­om­e­try Wars. In its se­quels, it gained new modes, mul­ti­player and a cam­paign, so what’s next? What’s left, even?

“Three-di­men­sional grids,” says cre­ative di­rec­tor Craig Howard. “You’re no longer play­ing on a 2D board; you play all the way around the grid, and also the grids change, morph and grow through­out the whole thing.”

Di­men­sions’ bat­tle­fields are float­ing 3D ob­jects – spheres, cylin­ders, a gi­ant peanut – onto which en­e­mies spawn. To sig­nal their ar­rival on a 3D field, Di­men­sions ‘beams’ them onto the grid in shafts of light. Some grids will roll in­de­pen­dently of player move­ment, throw­ing walls and large ob­sta­cles in your path, while oth­ers change shape mid-bat­tle, open­ing up new spa­ces and form­ing new bot­tle­necks as the fight in­ten­si­fies. “It adds a whole new level of com­plex­ity,” Howard says. “Line of sight, know­ing where you spawn, mak­ing sure you keep an eye on where you are on the grid all mat­ters. The cam­paign has 50 in­di­vid­ual chal­lenges – each will [take place on] a dif­fer­ent shape, some are a dif­fer­ent game mode, some have unique score chal­lenges based on it, and ev­ery level has its own leader­board. If your

Bul­lets follow lin­ear paths, cre­at­ing spec­tac­u­lar cas­cades of fire that follow the con­tours of the grid.

Geom­e­tryWars is among the most vis­ually ar­rest­ing twin-stick shoot­ers ever made, and the move to three di­men­sions only im­proves the spec­ta­cle

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