Some Vita games run bet­ter than oth­ers on PSTV

Not all Vita games are up­scaled from the hand­held’s na­tive 960x544 to match the res­o­lu­tion of your HDTV’s dis­play. Some, in­clud­ing Kil­l­zone: Mer­ce­nary and the Vita port of Bor­der­lands 2, have been up­dated to run in na­tive 1080i. It’s a wel­come move, but a limited one, and fur­ther re­in­forces the per­cep­tion that the de­vice has been re­leased be­fore it was ready. Sony says it is work­ing with part­ners to get more Vita games up and run­ning, and on se­cur­ing me­dia apps such as Net­flix too, but PlaySta­tion TV is hard to rec­om­mend un­til those dis­cus­sions bear fruit, es­pe­cially to those who al­ready own both a Vita and PS4.

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