Big­ger, bet­ter, more cauliflowers


Un­folded’s not quite a re­make, but nor is it a se­quel, and that’s far from the only un­con­ven­tional thing about Tear­away’s trans­la­tion to PS4. Me­dia Mol­e­cule cer­tainly has a few un­usual ideas about how to use all the ex­tra horse­power the con­sole of­fers over Vita. “We’ve got a few lev­els that have in­fi­nite cauliflowers be­ing chucked around,” says cre­ative lead Rex Crowle, be­fore ex­plain­ing how the veg­etable has fallen out of favour. “They’re hard to buy th­ese days,” he says sadly. “We’re try­ing to bring them back.”

That’s en­tirely in keep­ing with Tear­away’s plucky un­der­dog spirit. Adored by crit­ics but widely over­looked, this in­ven­tive pa­per­craft plat­former was an ode to the un­fash­ion­able, as much a love let­ter to its host hard­ware as to the ma­te­rial its world was built from. It’s strange, then, to see it be­ing brought to another plat­form, par­tic­u­larly when Crowle ad­mits “we re­ally wanted it to feel almost like Tear­away had al­ways been inside of the Vita, and some­how it was just re­vealed to you when the game launched”. Un­folded came to be after Me­dia Mol­e­cule saw its game on the big­gest of big screens on Sony’s stage at E3. The bold­ness of the art held up, and the sub­tle de­tails and en­vi­ron­men­tal an­i­ma­tions were eas­ier to dis­cern across a larger can­vas. So the stu­dio knew that vis­ually Tear­away would shine on a TV screen, but how would the game it­self – and, per­haps more per­ti­nently, its con­trol scheme – trans­late?

Rather than remap­ping fea­tures, Crowle was keen to take a fresh ap­proach. At first, he in­vited his team to treat DualShock 4 not as a videogame con­troller, but as an alien arte­fact. “Imag­ine you just found it and [were] try­ing

will give its play­ers more room to take in their en­vi­ron­ment, though Crowle is keen to avoid reusing chunks of lev­els to in­crease the game’s run­time. “We’re try­ing to let each sec­tion in­tro­duce it­self a lit­tle bit more, so you feel like you’re trav­el­ling across this world rather than just jumping from one in­tense sec­tion to the next”


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