The plea­sure and pain of ex­ca­vat­ing old trea­sure


More than any other kind of en­ter­tain­ment, videogames are ob­sessed with the fu­ture, and we don’t al­ways make time to look back. As 2015 kicks in, are we think­ing hard about all of the great games we didn’t get around to play­ing in 2014, vow­ing to try them now that re­lease sched­ules have calmed down? Or are we fix­ated in­stead on the new PS4 games from Sony’s PlaySta­tion Ex­pe­ri­ence? Is it too soon to be think­ing about what may be at GDC? Is it out of or­der to even con­sider E3’s lineup in June?

With reg­u­lars such as Time Ex­tend, we make an or­gan­ised ef­fort to con­sider the past, and our re­cent re­play of Un­charted 2: Among Thieves pro­vided a timely primer for this is­sue’s cover story. In E275, we fo­cused on the con­sid­er­able strengths of Nathan Drake’s best ad­ven­ture to date, but play­ing it again, five years on from its re­lease, also re­veals a num­ber of cracks we sim­ply didn’t no­tice the first time around. What once felt so slickly ex­e­cuted now seems weirdly clunky in places. ( And we’re not talk­ing about that Lazare­vic fight, which was al­ways rough.) The re­al­ity, of course, is that ev­ery high-oc­tane third­per­son ac­tion game of 2009 was clunky in places. Our ex­pec­ta­tions have been ratch­et­ing up slowly, year on year, as tech­nol­ogy has evolved along­side game mak­ers’ artistry, to the ex­tent that even the most seem­ingly bul­let­proof games of the PS3 era feel a lit­tle ragged around the edges in the un­for­giv­ing glare of 2015.

That Un­charted 2 feels this way to­day is good news for Naughty Dog be­cause it leaves plenty on the ta­ble to work with. And it’s do­ing so not by pa­per­ing over cracks, but by re­think­ing Un­charted at an el­e­men­tal level, cre­at­ing some­thing with as­pi­ra­tions of stand­ing along­side The Last Of Us.

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