Devs Play – Doom Dou­ble Fine’s Devs Play se­ries has been get­ting in­creas­ingly am­bi­tious with each episode. Kick­ing off with Dis­ney’s The Lion King and Aladdin games, it has since tack­led the Mother se­ries, the un­re­leased Gaunt­let for Nin­tendo DS, and even a ROM-hacked playthrough of the orig­i­nal The Leg­end Of Zelda. In episode five, Dou­ble Fine’s Jean Paul Le­Bre­ton is joined by fel­low designer John Romero for a nine-part run­through of sev­eral Doom lev­els, kick­ing off with Han­gar, the game’s open­ing map. A re­laxed Romero ex­plains his de­sign ethos, as well as show­ing off some deft mouse and key­board skills.

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