Des­tiny PS4

Three hun­dred hours and count­ing later, we’re no longer at war with the Fallen, Hive, Vex or Ca­bal, but Bungie. The game’s myr­iad economies, its in­fu­ri­at­ing RNG and, in the new raid es­pe­cially, puni­tive mission de­sign mean that we’re con­stantly seek­ing out new ways to some­how cheat the sys­tem. Cheese? Hardly. To us, it feels more like fair reprisal against a cruel, cack­ling mas­ter.

Per­sona 4: Golden Vita

We load up our year-old, mid-game save file with trep­i­da­tion. Few games make much sense af­ter that much time away, so surely an ar­cane JRPG will be im­pen­e­tra­ble? Yet reen­try proves smooth, and within min­utes we’re destroying demons and chat­ting up class­mates like we’ve never been away. As we slip back into the win­ning blend of stat-heavy dun­geon crawler and high­school com­edy, we prom­ise it won’t be an­other 12 months be­fore we re­turn.

Ax­e­lay Wii U

All it takes is a pixel­lated fam­ily photo in a locket, and we’re trans­ported to a small bed­room in a ter­raced house more than two decades ago. Nin­tendo’s Vir­tual Con­sole pric­ing may reg­u­larly in­fu­ri­ate, but when we se­lect our ship’s load­out and “Arms in­stal­la­tion com­plete. Good luck!” rings out of the GamePad speaker, we’re back in our care­free youth again, and a fiver for the trip feels like great value.

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