Alone in the dark


As Peter Molyneux knows only too well, some­times things don’t go to plan. (The more thought you put into your plan, the more op­por­tu­nity it has of suc­ceed­ing, nat­u­rally, but that’s a dis­cus­sion for an­other time.) In the case of the is­sue in front of you, we were all set to re­view Blood­borne in the time-hon­oured Edge style, but then re­al­ity rudely in­truded. As we twitchily pre­pared to make our jour­ney into the macabre re­cesses of Yhar­nam, we dis­cov­ered that the game’s Chal­ice Dun­geons were not yet ready to be ex­plored, and would in fact be added into the game cour­tesy of a launch­day patch. Then we found out that on­line func­tion­al­ity wouldn’t be avail­able, ei­ther, mean­ing that we’d be un­able to test the game’s co-op or PVP fea­tures. So we faced a de­ci­sion. We could be ruth­less, stab our plan in the back, and walk away. Or we could try some­thing dif­fer­ent.

With 40 hours’ play in the bank, and stand­ing it against From Soft­ware’s for­mi­da­ble back cat­a­logue, we can make a clear call on Blood­borne’s qual­ity and present our ver­dict. You’ll have to wait un­til is­sue 279 for some words with a digit at the end, but if the pur­pose of a re­view is to pro­vide a rec­om­men­da­tion – or oth­er­wise – then our cover story should hit the mark. This is­sue’s delve into Blood­borne is more ex­ten­sive than a tra­di­tional re­view, but it is still an ex­per­i­ment. Whether you like it or dis­ap­prove, let us know (edge@fu­, and we’ll con­sider your feed­back in how we tackle the re­view process in the fu­ture.

Else­where in this is­sue, we look at the videogame-play­ing prospects of wear­able tech such as Ap­ple Watch, talk to Alexander O Smith about the art of trans­lat­ing some of Ja­pan’s most elab­o­rate RPGs, and dis­cover how Pix­elJunk Games founder Dy­lan Cuth­bert landed a job at Nin­tendo, where he helped to set the com­pany on the road to 3D games with Star Fox. And we prom­ise there’s only one fur­ther men­tion of the man at 22Cans.

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