Fash­ion is a big deal in Inkopo­lis, and not just be­cause of how it makes you look. Ev­ery piece of gear comes with at least one perk, and you’ll ap­par­ently un­lock new boosts through use, though in our devel­op­ment build ev­ery­thing is al­ready maxed out. Your train­ers might help you con­serve ink or run a bit faster, for in­stance, while a puffer jacket could in­crease your re­silience and ramp up the dam­age from your weapon. Stack enough of th­ese perks to­gether and you can hone your Inkling to suit your playstyle, or round out weak­nesses in your weapon load­out.

But you’ll have to earn the right to use the best gear: the three colour­ful shop­keep­ers – one each for footwear, ap­parel and head­gear – will only sell you items if you’ve proven your­self cool enough. That means rank­ing and lev­el­ling up through com­bat, which will also ac­crue you the money to up­date your wardrobe. You needn’t buy blind, ei­ther: the plaza is pop­u­lated with play­ers you’ve faced re­cently, and you can in­spect their load­out to em­u­late a par­tic­u­larly eye-catch­ing or use­ful style.

The garb re­minds us of Jet Set Ra­dio, but Nogami pin­points the team’s age as in­form­ing the skater look. “We’re of­ten told that we are a group of young de­vel­op­ers, and this ‘young’ thing is thrown about ev­ery­where. But the de­sign team – es­pe­cially the main de­sign mem­bers – are in their 30s. So when they were in sec­ondary school, this was back in the ‘90s, when street fash­ion and train­ers were in. This is prob­a­bly where the in­spi­ra­tion comes from.”

01 Barely any sur­face is free of tags. 02 Th­ese Hi-Horses are based on a star player’s colours. 03 Even th­ese blend in on the right ink. 04 Brands are se­ri­ous busi­ness. 05 Inklings only gain full con­trol over their form when they reach 14






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