Though Valve’s ini­tial take on the is­sue of mod­ders’ com­pen­sa­tion was swiftly killed, some of the is­sues that it raised are prov­ing harder to put down. Should the best mod­ders be re­warded for their work, and if so, what bet­ter way is there than the dis­as­trous sys­tem fea­tured on Steam? One re­cur­ring pro­posal in Red­dit threads and news site com­ments has been the im­ple­men­ta­tion of a ‘do­nate’ but­ton along­side mods in the Work­shop, the com­mon as­ser­tion be­ing first that al­tru­is­tic play­ers are ready and will­ing to re­pay cre­ators (a claim con­tested by Scott Reis­ma­nis, among oth­ers), and sec­ond that Valve and Bethesda can­not legally take a share of do­nated in­come. “There seems no legal rea­son why a com­mer­cial do­na­tion could not be shared be­tween mul­ti­ple par­ties,” says Jas Pure­wal. “Char­i­ta­ble dona­tions could have is­sues, but gamers aren’t do­nat­ing money to char­ity when they pay for games!”

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