Some say that not a penny should be given to mod­ders as pay­ment; oth­ers as­sert that ev­ery penny spent on a mod be­longs to its cre­ator. Un­der Steam’s short-lived sys­tem for

mods, Valve took its stan­dard 30 per cent cut and the re­main­ing cash went to Bethesda to divvy up. It took 45 per cent for it­self, ex­plain­ing that in a nor­mal com­mer­cial deal, li­cens­ing the IP and the tools to work with it would leave the de­vel­oper with far less than a quar­ter share. To a com­mu­nity not pre­vi­ously ex­posed to com­mer­cial re­al­ity, the num­bers felt wrong, and though Bethesda avoided much of this round of public dis­plea­sure, the spot­light might shift if Valve makes a stronger sec­ond at­tempt.

Valve has long made money off of mods for its own soft­ware, but mon­etis­ing Skyrim mods felt to many like it had over­stepped the mark. It has a lot of thorny is­sues to ad­dress be­fore it can make a sec­ond at­tempt

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