Rae’s story is un­der­nour­ished, but Be­yond Eyes works harder to es­tab­lish a mood. It uses mu­sic spar­ingly but in­tel­li­gently, and most of­ten com­mu­ni­cates tone through Rae her­self. She’s an ex­pres­sive, ir­re­sistibly cheer­ful girl, and it’s a de­light to hear her gig­gling softly as she hears a frog hop­ping by. As such, her un­ease in the face of ap­par­ent threat is all the more pal­pa­ble, and we’re re­lieved on her be­half as we guide her to rel­a­tive safety, if only so she can re­lax and be her­self once more.

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