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The Bri­tish Ge­o­log­i­cal Sur­vey made head­lines last year when it re­leased a 5.4GB scale

Minecraft map of the sur­face ge­ol­ogy of main­land Great Bri­tain and its sur­round­ing is­lands. Now it’s started to look more closely at smaller por­tions of the coun­try. BGS has ini­tially fo­cused on three lo­ca­tions: West Thur­rock, York and In­gle­bor­ough. Each map con­sists of 50MB, and rep­re­sents ma­jor roads, build­ings and ge­o­log­i­cal rises and falls, with over­laps and folds hid­den be­low sur­face level. The mod­els are fas­ci­nat­ing, and ev­ery neatly sliced chunk of the coun­try ex­udes a frag­ile beauty as a re­sult of BGS’s use of coloured glass blocks. Each map has its own page with ac­com­pa­ny­ing topo­log­i­cal data, and a key that shows which blocks the team chose to rep­re­sent dif­fer­ent types of rock.

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