Soul cal­i­bre


Dark Souls II took into ac­count the to­tal num­ber of souls ac­quired by a char­ac­ter, a sys­tem that could quickly level fas­tid­i­ous or grind-happy play­ers out of the mul­ti­player run­ning in early ar­eas. How­ever, Miyazaki has con­firmed that the only cri­te­ria for co-op and PVP match­mak­ing in

Dark Souls III will be play­ers’ Soul Level and not, as in the sec­ond game, Soul Mem­ory. Another change from

Dark Souls II is the ap­par­ent ab­sence of lifegems, leav­ing life re­plen­ish­ment mostly a task for your Es­tus flask, just as it was in the first game in the se­ries. Mean­while, the char­ac­ter up­grade sys­tem will ap­par­ently be an “up­graded ver­sion” of the one seen in the orig­i­nal.

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