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The things that caught our eye dur­ing the pro­duc­tion of E285

Amiga games de­liver a po­tent hit of nos­tal­gia, but re­vis­it­ing

them used to re­quire ei­ther the bulky orig­i­nal hard­ware or fid­dly em­u­la­tion. The Ar­miga Pro­ject aims to pro­vide a com­pact, has­sle-free con­duit for that dusty col­lec­tion of 3.5-inch disks in your at­tic. The slim ma­chine comes in two vari­ants, one with a

built-in floppy drive, but both can run ADF im­ages of Amiga games (the larger one au­to­mat­i­cally cre­at­ing and stor­ing them on an SD card). It’s still a pro­to­type, and there are a few is­sues

as a re­sult – there’s no 360 pad sup­port yet, while play­ing a game that re­quires mouse con­trol proves frus­trat­ing at best – but if you’re pre­pared to put up with teething is­sues, there’s

plenty to rec­om­mend it, not least Lo­tus Turbo Chal­lenge II.


Why do the teenagers in Un­til Dawn all look like they’re 35 years old? (Un­less you look at their hands, which be­long on a 75-year-old) Ben­nett Foddy @bfod QWOP and GIRP devel­oper “Yes I can to­tally take on this mas­sive il­lus­tra­tion pro­ject whilst si­mul­ta­ne­ously fin­ish­ing up a videogame” – An idiot, 2015.

Olly Moss @ol­ly­moss Il­lus­tra­tor, Campo Santo artist Words on Re­volver Ocelot’s MGS wiki page: 12,349 Words on Charles Dar­win’s ac­tual Wikipedia page: 9,372

Andy Kelly @ul­tra­bril­liant

Jour­nal­ist To peo­ple out there with real prob­lems: I’m sorry the whin­ing of a newly wealthy pro­gram­mer gets more at­ten­tion than yours. Stay strong.

Markus Pers­son @notch Gen­tle­man of leisure

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