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The co­me­dian, ac­tor and writer on cre­at­ing games for a laugh, and oc­ca­sion­ally beat­ing his son at Street Fighter


Brian ‘Limmy’ Li­mond talks us through his life in videogames

Brian Li­mond, bet­ter known as Limmy, was a web de­vel­oper be­fore gain­ing no­to­ri­ety through his web­site,, and pod­cast. Fol­low­ing ap­pear­ances in the videogame-fo­cused on­line TV show Con­sol­e­va­nia and then BBC Scot­land’s fol­low-up, Videogaiden, he went on to cre­ate Limmy’s Show. Here, he talks about the urge to cre­ate, GTAV crew woes, and the pre­vi­ously un­heard-of Com­modore Con­nois­seur. In 2008, you up­loaded a spec­tac­u­lar Gui­tar Hero III Through The Fire And Flames per­for­mance on ex­pert. Have you played World Tour? No, I haven’t. There’s no point. It would be like play­ing my five-year-old son at chess – I would de­mol­ish the op­po­si­tion. There’s no chal­lenge. It’s like when Alexan­der the Great cried when there were no more worlds to con­quer. Do you play with your son of­ten? Aye, we play. We’ve played Fruit Ninja a wee bit, and he plays stuff by him­self on his tablet. But we’ve played Ul­tra Street Fighter IV to­gether, be­cause I showed him some videos and thought, ‘Right, just as long as I ex­plain to him that you can’t walk into school or soft­play and grab some­body like fuck­ing Zang­ief and jump up in the air with them.’ I beat him now and again just to ac­cli­ma­tise him to los­ing here and there. How old were you when you started play­ing games? I was sort of there at the very be­gin­ning, as a five- or six-year-old. I re­mem­ber we had some­thing that was kind of like Pong, on the Atari 2600, as well as Pit­fall and Com­bat. I played things like Star Wars, Space In­vaders and Pac-Man in the ar­cades, too, and all of the ’80s Wil­liams clas­sics. Later I had a VIC-20 and then a Com­modore Plus/4 – I used to call it a ‘Com­modore Con­nois­seur’. I’ve only re­cently found out that it was just writ­ten on the box be­cause of all the ac­ces­sories it came with. No­body fuck­ing cor­rected me. I also had an Atari ST, and I’d go round a pal’s house who’d have the same games as me but on an Amiga, so he’d have more fuck­ing sound ef­fects. You’d get hold of a pi­rated copy of Cubase to make your­self feel bet­ter, but you’ve not got any equip­ment, so it doesn’t make up for the fact that all of th­ese games are fuck­ing bet­ter on Amiga. How did broad­cast­ing your own gam­ing live streams come about? The fact is I’ve got a we­b­cam. I’ve not been on it for a while, but I used to go on it quite a lot. If it was on the 360, which I’ve kind of ditched for a long time now, I don’t have the hard­ware to do all the stream­ing stuff. But be­cause I got back into PC games, I thought, well, I’ll do what I do all the time and stream stuff. What made you re­turn to PC gam­ing? I fell out of love with the 360 when Rock­star fucked about with Grand Theft Auto V. I used to play a lot with the folks in my crew and wanted a lot of money quickly. There’s this one-minute race, Cut­ting Coroners, that we used to do all the time, and you got about $8,000 if you won. Then Rock­star changed it so that even if you won one of the 20-minute races, you’d get about half the money you’d get if you fuck­ing lost one of the shorter ones! So I stopped play­ing it in a huff. I re­mem­ber moan­ing about it for about ten min­utes to two Rock­star North guys who were at the Scot­tish BAF­TAs once – they were like, “Oh, right… Well, we’ll pass your feed­back on. Bye.” Do you still dab­ble in de­vel­op­ment? Aye, I come from a back­ground of web de­vel­op­ment and wee Flash games, and I’ve done some jokey games in Unity. I like show­ing off and go­ing, ‘Look what I made!’ I made a stupid wee thing called Jump­ing that’s based on a sketch that I did on Limmy’s Show. If I see cod­ing on the TV, or in some­thing like In­die Game: The Movie, I’m like, ‘Oh, fuck, I’d like to get back into that.’ There are so many things you can get into, but I just don’t have the time. I’d love to make some­thing again.

“I just fuck­ing loved it! Noth­ing’s bet­ter than dou­ble-per­fect­ing some­body – that’s ut­terly hu­mil­i­at­ing”

As­sum­ing it’s not Jump­ing, what’s your favourite game? I think it has to be Street Fighter II. I used to go to Mill­port for my sum­mer hol­i­day ev­ery year, and they had a ma­chine. I used to play cunts all the time at that, and I was the best. No­body could fuck­ing beat me. I just fuck­ing loved it! Noth­ing’s bet­ter than dou­ble-per­fect­ing some­body – that’s ut­terly hu­mil­i­at­ing.

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