For de­vel­op­ers, a new con­sole means an­other weary­ing set of TCRs to fol­low, though most of Neo’s cer­ti­fi­ca­tion re­quire­ments are de­signed to en­sure par­ity be­tween it and the launch-model PS4. On­line play, Tro­phies, DLC and, ide­ally, save sys­tems must be the same across both con­soles, though Sony is leav­ing the lat­ter up to de­vel­op­ers. Sony goes on to specif­i­cally pro­hibit a game fall­ing back to the base PS4 code if a bug oc­curs in the Neo mode, pre­sum­ably to en­sure the game still runs if the launch model is for­mally aban­doned in the future. While fea­ture par­ity is en­cour­aged, Neo can of­fer ex­panded ver­sions of what’s avail­able on the base PS4 – one ex­am­ple given is a twoplayer splitscreen mode that sup­ports four peo­ple when played on Neo.

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