Preser­va­tion and in­no­va­tion go hand in hand


Nostal­rius was a Bl­izz-like server – it em­u­lated how WOW used to be as closely as pos­si­ble. That didn’t mean slav­ish ad­her­ence to tra­di­tion. Some of Bliz­zard’s later changes proved use­ful to a vol­un­teer team with­out a horde of GMs, such as the elim­i­na­tion of ‘wall jump­ing’ by which play­ers could stick on ver­ti­cal geom­e­try and climb out of the map. Also, even of­fi­cial servers aren’t in­tended to host 11,000 play­ers at once, and the enor­mous server load had to be man­aged with a sys­tem of dy­namic draw dis­tances. When­ever load in an area was high, the range at which you could spot mon­sters dropped off. It wasn’t true to the past, but it al­lowed thou­sands to get their fix.

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