While Bat­tle­born’s head­line fea­ture is its in-match lev­el­ling, the sys­tem is sup­ported by more tra­di­tional pro­gres­sion me­chan­ics as well. Your com­mand rank rises the more you play, and every char­ac­ter has an in­di­vid­ual rank to push into dou­ble dig­its, too. In ad­di­tion, chests dot­ted about lev­els con­tain var­i­ous tem­po­rary perks (such as faster move­ment speed), while more per­ma­nent gear that gives you a shield boost or causes your char­ac­ter to drop a grenade on death can be ac­quired from Loot Packs and fallen bosses. Gear comes in com­mon, un­com­mon, rare and epic va­ri­eties, and up to three pieces can be equipped at any one time, their power defin­ing how many shards it costs to ac­ti­vate them.

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