The in­tro­duc­tion of the Horse­born, a third playable race along­side Hu­mans and Varl, is an in­trigu­ing choice that pays off twofold. In battle, they’re very use­ful, ca­pa­ble of mov­ing, at­tack­ing and then beat­ing a tac­ti­cal re­treat – or to ca­jole en­emy units away from your best fight­ers. With the abil­ity to throw javelins, their over­all range is as good as an archer. From a story stand­point, their pres­ence adds to the ten­sion: with most Horse­born strug­gling to un­der­stand the Hu­man lan­guage, you’ll have to be care­ful how you com­mu­ni­cate. Those you re­cruit will be viewed with sus­pi­cion from fac­tions within your camp. You’ll re­alise, to your hor­ror, that there are plenty of prej­u­diced minds among the group, and the treat­ment meted out to them draws dis­com­fit­ing par­al­lels with real-world big­otry.

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