Bat­tle­field 1 PC, PS4, Xbox One The bom­bas­tic trailer, set to The White Stripes’ Seven Na­tion Army, might sit some­what un­com­fort­ably with the game’s links to a real war, yet we can’t help but be in­trigued by the series’ re­turn to more vis­ceral con­flict – es­pe­cially in the con­text of Call Of Duty’s fix­a­tion on in­creas­ingly overblown science-fic­tion set­tings.

The Leg­end Of Zelda Wii U De­spite the cameos, spinoffs and re­mas­ters, Link re­mains Wii U’s most glar­ing ab­sen­tee. While ex­cite­ment around his full de­but has been tem­pered by the con­fir­ma­tion it’s also head­ing to NX, we still can’t wait to play it at E3.

Over­watch PC, PS4, Xbox One The open beta for Bliz­zard’s hero shooter shows that the stu­dio’s great­est suc­cess is the way it has made every char­ac­ter feel unique, pow­er­ful and fun to play. Not since Spla­toon have we seen a shooter with such a con­fi­dent sense of its iden­tity. Re­view next is­sue.

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