Sus­pect iden­ti­fi­ca­tion


With the ex­ag­ger­ated forms of the pre­vi­ous ros­ter now re­placed by sub­tler sil­hou­ettes, en­sur­ing play­ers can eas­ily read the ac­tion has re­quired more thought. “We’re in early, early al­pha, and we an­a­lyse this stuff on a daily ba­sis,” says art di­rec­tor Tramell Isaac. “But I think we’re in a good space now where we’ve got a few knobs we can turn to make things pop a lit­tle bit more. We had lots of de­tail and colour in the en­vi­ron­ments, but we re­alised that the arena’s sup­posed to be a set­ting, not a char­ac­ter. So we re­duced the num­ber of colours that we have in a space [to around] three, but we use tones of those colours to give it a broader spec­trum. So then it feels unique, not over­pow­er­ing.”

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