Com­pli­ance fail­ure


Holmér says the

Bud­get Cuts demo, which is avail­able now on Steam, was de­signed with the first-time player in mind – and the stu­dio has seen it played enough times by now to know when some­one’s not an ab­so­lute be­gin­ner. “The sec­ond time you play it, it’s too easy,” Holmér says. “We’ve no­ticed that some YouTu­bers are play­ing the demo be­fore they start to record. They just steam­roll through the whole thing, but are pre­tend­ing they’re play­ing it for the first time. It’s weird, and a shame – the most in­ter­est­ing part of Bud­get Cuts is when some­one fails, or gets de­tected; these lit­tle mo­ments of panic. [Play­ing it through be­fore­hand] kind of ru­ins the whole ex­pe­ri­ence.”

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