Des­tiny PS4

It was ap­par­ently a visit from Bliz­zard’s Di­ablo team that in­spired Bungie’s re­write of Des­tiny for The Taken King, but on the ev­i­dence of the April up­date the game cur­rently hews a lit­tle closer to the WOW model. New con­tent ar­rives, lapsed play­ers come back and burn through it in a cou­ple of weeks, then dis­ap­pear into the void again. It’s go­ing to take some­thing more sub­stan­tial than this for us to recom­mit.

Street Fighter V PS4

There is no greater ex­pres­sion of the way Cap­com is sub­vert­ing its own con­ven­tions with SFV than the re­cently re­leased Guile. For 25 years a dry, stoic keep­away char­ac­ter, SFV Guile is the flashiest combo mon­ster in the game. He’s tremen­dous fun to play, which sadly we still can’t quite say about the game in gen­eral. The meta now favours frame-per­fect tim­ing of tricky set­ups – the sort of thing Cap­com was sup­posed to have done away with.

Rain­bow Six Siege PS4

Even a mis­judged pun­ish­ment sys­tem – in which play­ers of ranked games are tem­po­rar­ily banned for leav­ing early while those who kill team­mates suf­fer only a small point de­duc­tion – can’t tar­nish our en­joy­ment of Ubisoft’s ever-im­prov­ing asym­met­ric shooter. And with the sec­ond sea­son of free DLC now out, there’s an­other map and two more Navy SEAL op­er­a­tors to ex­per­i­ment with, as well.

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