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Stel­laris’ ship builder of­fers de­light­ful choice for those in a mood to con­quer. Start­ing with large mod­ules spe­cific to your race, you can tweak the num­ber of weapon or util­ity slots avail­able to each class of ship. Fis­sion mis­siles give way to H-bombs, an­ti­mat­ter war­heads and quan­tum WMDs. Con­ven­tional mu­ni­tions are merely the start, how­ever. In an­other dis­play of emer­gent ex­cel­lence, your sci­en­tists can re­search the re­mains of just about any­thing you blow up. A scuf­fle with a shoal of pow­er­ful void squid led to re­search into the con­struc­tion of or­ganic strike craft. Our bat­tle­ships and de­fen­sive sta­tions could un­leash an amoe­bic air wing un­like any­thing the en­emy could muster. In Stel­laris, the geeks will in­herit the galaxy.

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