Hit­man PS4

We’ve barely had time to fully ex­plore Sapienza, and now a trip to Mar­rakesh is on the cards. Io-In­ter­ac­tive has some­how topped even episode two’s daunt­ing scale, but while there’s plenty to see in this tech­ni­cally daz­zling space, it doesn’t feel quite so co­he­sive as the first two episodes. Its ar­eas feel com­part­men­talised in a way that makes pro­ceed­ings feel more stac­cato than silky, but that won’t stop us mak­ing good on a bit of care­fully planned vi­o­lence.

Bat­tle­field 4 PS4

With Bat­tle­field 1’ s an­nounce­ment, we fired up Bat­tle­field 4 for old time’s sake. Clunky squad-cre­ation tools may feel in­creas­ingly ar­chaic, and its once-as­ton­ish­ing vi­su­als are now start­ing to lose some of their sheen, but once you’re up and run­ning, there’s still lit­tle to com­pare to a big old 64-player Con­quest match. While the num­ber of play­ers still com­mit­ted to the game con­tin­ues to dwin­dle, there’s life in the old dog­tags yet.

Drop 7 iOS

Af­ter sev­eral years of con­certed ef­fort, and lots of near misses, our Drop 7 score­board is now fi­nally crowned with a high score in ex­cess of a mil­lion. All that time spent sneak­ing games into ev­ery spare crack of the day has re­sulted in grand­mas­ter-like for­ward plan­ning and speed, but fend­ing off each game’s in­evitable col­lapse is tough for even the most com­mit­ted play­ers. Now, of course, we’re con­sid­er­ing re­tire­ment.

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