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The theme for the re­cent Ludum Dare 36 was ‘an­cient tech­nol­ogy’, and LD new­comer di­et­zribi has gone for one of the most an­cient of them all – though he’s used some artis­tic li­cence in his in­ter­pre­ta­tion of pre­his­tory. As his ver­sion has it, when man dis­cov­ered fire, he sim­ply ran un­til he burned to ashes. A me­ter in the screen cor­ner shows your re­main­ing time; torch­ing scenery as you sprint past will top it up, or you can throw a fire­ball that in­stantly kills you but passes the torch to any­one it hits. Things are com­pli­cated by wa­ter­falls (an in­stakill un­less a help­ful diplodocus stoops in for a drink) and some ex­act­ing plat­form­ing, but the time limit’s the heart of the thing, finely judged de­spite the game be­ing made in a week­end. At seven lev­els long, On Fire may not stick around for long, but it sure burns brightly.

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