Hy­per Light Drifter PC A patch adding a 60fps op­tion and a boss rush mode was all the en­cour­age­ment we needed to re­turn to Heart Ma­chine’s stylish ad­ven­ture. Ac­cus­tomed as we were to the orig­i­nal re­fresh rate, it took us a while to ad­just, but it’s an op­tion that will be em­braced by new play­ers; like­wise a New­comer dif­fi­culty set­ting, which of­fers a less pun­ish­ing chal­lenge while lock­ing out a hand­ful of Achieve­ments.

Rain­bow Six Siege PS4 Siege con­tin­ues to im­prove, but some un­de­sir­able el­e­ments are pick­ing at Ubisoft’s work. Too of­ten we find our­selves one of the last sur­vivors in a round, car­ry­ing our team to vic­tory with pa­tient stalk­ing, when we’re voted out of the match be­cause our fallen team­mates aren’t pre­pared to wait. Worse, be­ing kicked nets you a 15-minute ban from ranked matches. What a re­ally fun treat.

Doom PS4 Af­ter Doom’s daz­zling cam­paign, its mul­ti­player felt rather flat. Some of the blame for that dis­crep­ancy lies with the orig­i­nal, rather un­re­fined map de­signs. Doom’s first DLC pack, Unto The Evil, adds three new maps – Cat­a­clysm, Rit­ual and Of­fer­ing – which fare much bet­ter. More mem­o­rable and tightly de­signed, the trio bring some much-needed new life to Doom’s on­line fragfests. While still far from es­sen­tial, things are cer­tainly headed in the right di­rec­tion.

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