There’s a fur­ther lack of au­then­tic­ity in the sound­track, but then no one wants an in-car ra­dio packed with Men At Work and Crowded House records, af­ter all. Among the re­turn­ing likes of Hori­zon Bass, Hori­zon Pulse and Hospi­tal Records, the sole na­tive sta­tion is Fu­ture Clas­sic, which as­sem­bles the best of con­tem­po­rary Aus­tralian elec­tronic mu­sic. All will, from time to time, spin a Skill Song, which dou­bles XP gains for its du­ra­tion, a sort of mu­si­cal in­vite to do doughnuts in a field for three min­utes. At the start, your mu­si­cal choice is lim­ited to just two sta­tions: you un­lock more by sign­ing spon­sor­ship deals with them as you progress, which may make the­matic sense but in re­al­ity means you sign your likely favourites first, leav­ing the never-to-be-lis­tened-to rub­bish un­til last.

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