Pet loves


Trico makes up for its dis­obe­di­ence with per­son­al­ity – a mas­ter­class in an­i­ma­tion-led char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion. Stand on Trico’s fore­head and it’ll squint its eyes, as if try­ing to fo­cus on your po­si­tion, or en­joy­ing a good scratch. Its eyes glow pink when it’s afraid, and it’s im­me­di­ately clear that this is a crea­ture that has ex­pe­ri­enced trauma (Trico’s afraid of stained glass, which must be smashed with rocks be­fore it’ll pass by). If Trico mis­un­der­stands your in­struc­tions, it may smack his head onto the scenery, be­fore let­ting out a pained yelp. Such de­tails set Ueda and his team apart from the com­pe­ti­tion; it’s the kind of artistry that can make a clas­sic.

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