Poké­mon no


Crit­ics and play­ers alike have fre­quently called for a home con­sole Poké­mon RPG or MMOG. It’s an idea that’s been tried be­fore with lim­ited suc­cess: the Ge­nius Sonor­i­ty­de­vel­oped Poké­monColos­seum and Poké­monXD:GaleOf

Dark­ness, both on GameCube, strug­gled to find an au­di­ence com­pa­ra­ble to their portable coun­ter­parts. Such de­mands, we sug­gest, would seem to fun­da­men­tally mis­un­der­stand one of the game’s core de­sign pil­lars: th­ese are pocket mon­sters, af­ter all, de­signed to be car­ried with the player at all times. A celebration of the great out­doors is hardly the same if you’re forced to stay in­side and play. Is that why Game Freak has re­sisted the calls to move Poké­mon to home con­soles? “Ab­so­lutely,” Ma­suda nods. “When com­ing up with the idea of Poké­mon, what we re­ally wanted to cre­ate was some­thing where peo­ple could get to­gether and have fun trad­ing, bat­tling, show­ing off their Poké­mon col­lec­tion, and just talk­ing about their own ad­ven­tures with the game. Hand­held con­soles and de­vices of­fer us the best way to achieve this vi­sion.”

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