Shoot to thrill


The devel­op­ment team’s well-placed pride in its newly ren­dered city is made clear by the in­clu­sion of a lav­ish new photo mode that al­lows you to pose Kat in a va­ri­ety of com­pli­cated po­si­tions any­where that you spot a scene. A vir­tual tri­pod en­ables play­ers to po­si­tion the cam­era in front of the char­ac­ter and even to add items to the scenery from a well-stocked menu in or­der to add de­tail and ac­cent. With a click of a but­ton you can, for ex­am­ple, drop a pot plant or an arm­ful of mel­ons onto the ground. While paused for the shot, you can also change Kat’s costume, from a range of broadly taste­ful op­tions to oth­ers, such as the nurse out­fit, that flirt with provo­ca­tion.

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