File this along­side Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash un­der ‘Nin­tendo se­ries un­ex­pect­edly trans­formed into un­der­whelm­ing side-scroller’. Oli­mar’s back with his adorable army of car­rot-peo­ple, this time in an ac­tion-plat­former that prizes quick think­ing. The Pik­min re­tain their pow­ers: blues can ex­plore un­der­wa­ter, reds can stomp out ob­struc­tive fires, and yel­lows can be flung up and over ob­sta­cles that stretch to the top screen. The need to make swift choices in stress­ful sit­u­a­tions might partly ex­plain why the puz­zles ap­pear to be dis­arm­ingly sim­plis­tic, while its fuzzy looks are wor­ry­ingly rem­i­nis­cent of 2014’s Yoshi’s New Is­land.

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