The most com­mon col­lectible in New Bordeaux are fuses, used to place wire­taps on junc­tion boxes that re­veal nearby en­emy place­ments and di­a­logue ex­changes – though they’re quickly ren­dered point­less by an un­der­boss favour that does the job au­to­mat­i­cally. Else­where you’ll find com­mie pro­pa­ganda posters to rip down for Clay’s pal in the CIA, iconic 12-inch vinyl records, nudie paint­ings and copies of Play­boy. Quite where Clay puts them all is any­one’s guess, es­pe­cially since he goes the vast ma­jor­ity of the game with­out chang­ing clothes, the tat­tered mil­i­tary jacket he wears home from Viet­nam soon over­flow­ing with vin­tage jazz mags and copies of Beg­gars Ban­quet. Per­haps that’s why he can carry only two weapons at a time.

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