Ob­jet d’argh


Al­most ev­ery ob­ject within the world can be picked up, used and thrown, from shoes to fry­ing pans and ra­dios. You can even bounce a bas­ket­ball off the door­bell if you’re in the mood to show off. Other items have more prac­ti­cal uses. You can, for ex­am­ple, bar­ri­cade a door by wedg­ing a chair un­der the han­dle. You’re also able to use your neigh­bour’s traps against him; sim­ply lure him to­wards you and throw one in his path to halt his pur­suit. Sur­pris­ingly, you can also use card­board boxes to smash win­dows. We didn’t quite be­lieve it un­til we spot­ted our neigh­bour us­ing the tech­nique to get back inside. Good to know for the next time we lock our­selves out.

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