De­vel­oper/ pub­lisher Moon­eye Stu­dios For­mat PC, PS4, Xbox One Ori­gin Ger­many Re­lease March 2018


Wel­come to the post-post-apoc­a­lypse: a formerly ru­ined world wholly re­claimed by na­ture, whose se­crets are un­cov­ered by a wolf and its spirit com­pan­ion. Your float­ing guide has a range of trans­for­ma­tive pow­ers, gen­er­at­ing bridges to cross chasms and al­low­ing you to in­habit other crea­tures to tra­verse ar­eas less wel­com­ing to vulpine ex­plor­ers. You’ll be­come a par­rot to swoop down into deep val­leys, bur­row be­neath the ground as a mole, and as­sume goat form to climb treach­er­ous moun­tain­ous paths. Beau­ti­ful, med­i­ta­tive and strik­ingly dif­fer­ent, it’s no won­der Lost Em­ber flew past its Kick­starter tar­get within two days.

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