Moat Door Skip


bit.ly/moat­doorskip Watch­ing the highly skilled speedrun­ning com­mu­nity dis­man­tle and re­assem­ble Mario64 over the years has been a source of con­tin­ual fas­ci­na­tion (tinged with no small amount of in­credulity). In the scene’s lat­est de­vel­op­ment, a small group of play­ers has not only man­aged to break the world record for an any-per-cent playthrough – in the process wip­ing around 39 sec­onds from the pre­vi­ous record, which is the largest sin­gle im­prove­ment since 2007 – but achieved it by un­lock­ing what’s de­scribed as the “holy grail” of Mario64 se­quence breaks, the Moat Door Skip, which re­quires frame-per­fect tim­ing. This de­tailed, jar­gon-heavy writeup of the tech­nique, which is pre­sented along­side a video of the world-beat­ing run, is well worth a look even if you’re not into speedrun­ning.

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