Suit up


West finds ex­o­suits, of­fer­ing boosts in strength and re­silience, in boxes around the world. Kit­ted out, he can tear park­ing me­ters and street lights out of the ground, lug heavy ex­per­i­men­tal mil­i­tary weaponary about, and punch ve­hi­cles half­way down the street. Ex­o­suits also of­fer another av­enue for com­bos, be­cause you’re able to com­bine your­self with var­i­ous items in the world – a slushy ma­chine, for ex­am­ple, or crane hooks – to cre­ate all sorts of wil­fully stupid out­fits. Each has a dif­fer­ent vis­ceral kill move, ac­cessed by build­ing your hit streak in crowds, which wipes out dozens of zom­bies in one spec­tac­u­larly vi­o­lent ef­fort.

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