Neil Druck­mann


Naughty Dog “Oh my god – I just got my head chopped off by a chain­saw!” The first time I played Res­i­dent Evil 4, I was floored. The off­set cam­era gave the feel­ing of first­per­son im­mer­sion, while show­ing off the stel­lar char­ac­ter de­sign and an­i­ma­tion of Leon. The en­vi­ron­ments and char­ac­ters were more de­tailed than any­thing I’ve seen. The chain­saw man is still my favourite en­emy from any game – never has a sound made me more tense. The game has such a rare, sin­gu­lar vi­sion: the way the hor­ror el­e­ments blend with the me­chan­ics, en­emy va­ri­ety, RPG up­grades to the weapons, and a kooky story that never lets up all com­bine to cre­ate the best-paced ac­tion game of all time, and one of the best games ever made.

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