Raw Thrills To be the best game, mere great­ness is not enough. The game has to de­mand de­vo­tion and sac­ri­fice – some­thing you love to hate, and hate to love. A soul­suck­ing mind virus that hi­jacks your dreams and al­ters your very pur­pose of be­ing. Turn­ing a bril­liantly evolved mas­ter of the uni­verse into a mind­less ob­ses­sive-com­pul­sive bot ded­i­cated to the care and feed­ing of a par­a­sitic pix­e­lated fan­tasy. How about the great FPS ex­plo­sion? But are they games, or sports? With­out hu­man com­pe­ti­tion, they are noth­ing. What about the MMOs – the Crafts and the Quests and the Villes that sucked mil­lions into never-end­ing so­cial pay-to-win mad­ness? To the non­cultist, they all de­grade into bril­liantly dec­o­rated ever-glow­ing cha­t­rooms. No, it had to be an app game that erased all bar­ri­ers be­tween gamer and the gamed.

Candy Crush Saga crushed them all with its sugar-coated fan­tasy of gum­drops and Machi­avel­lian pay­walls. Mov­ing be­yond the cult, Candy Crush en­slaved a bil­lion-strong sugar-crazed zom­bie mob. In­sa­tiably ad­dic­tive, Candy Crush mon­e­tised its way to world dom­i­na­tion.

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