An­other vi­tal part of the Sling­shot ethos is va­ri­ety – some­thing Jack­son be­lieves cre­ative peo­ple need, but are de­prived of when work­ing on long-run­ning projects. “I’ve seen artists get burnt out,” he says. “If I’d asked the team at Freestyle to de­sign an­other band, they’d have prob­a­bly jumped off the roof: ‘No, please don’t ask. I want to go and draw space pi­rates, or what­ever.’ Then you do that for nine months, and you don’t want to draw space pi­rates any more. I know peo­ple say you’ve got to fo­cus on one thing and do it well, but I think it’s about keep­ing the cre­ative juices topped up, and va­ri­ety al­lows you to do that.”

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