The move to an open world has forced Nin­tendo to re­think its ap­proach to au­dio; with no con­trol over how the player moves through the world, a lin­ear au­dio track no longer works. The re­sult is a beau­ti­ful dy­namic score that steadily builds – new lay­ers flow into the mix as you progress through the in­nards of a Divine Beast, for ex­am­ple – but is at its best when noth­ing’s re­ally hap­pen­ing. The soft whis­tle of the wind, the rus­tle of tall grass, the barks and chirrups of nearby wildlife, and the per­sis­tent, gen­tle clank of the items in the jog­ging Link’s back­pack: this is game au­dio of de­light­ful sub­tlety, and a key com­po­nent in the rich sense of place that per­me­ates this be­witch­ing vi­sion of Hyrule.

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