Per­haps best known on these shores as the rat­tling white for­est spir­its from Stu­dio Ghibli flick Princess Mononoke, kodama are restyled here as an es­sen­tial col­lectible. A to­tal of 150 dot the game world, hid­ing around dark cor­ners, on rooftops, or in­side break­able scenery. Find one and our hero stoops down, ges­tur­ing with his thumb to­wards the near­est shrine, and the kodama dis­ap­pears. These are no mere trin­kets, how­ever: a sub-menu, ac­ces­si­ble from any shrine, lets you choose a kodama bless­ing, which buffs the drop rates of weapons, ar­mour, ma­te­ri­als or, best of all, health elixirs, the size of buff increasing as you col­lect more spir­its.

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