Sniper Elite 4’ s cam­paign can be played in its en­tirety with a co-op part­ner, and the game comes with an ex­pan­sive suite of snip­ing-fo­cused mul­ti­player op­tions. It’s a gen­er­ous pack­age, but none par­tic­u­larly crackle with en­ergy. Stan­dard and team death­match are rather tepid af­fairs that mostly in­volve both sides ly­ing down on the ground, or ly­ing down on roofs, or ly­ing down in door­ways. Kills ac­cu­mu­late at an ag­o­nis­ingly slow pace, and while the sense of ten­sion is po­tent, it doesn’t quite come off as the life-and­death bat­tle of wits we’d hoped it would be. Vari­ants on this in­clude Dis­tance, in which the team with the high­est cu­mu­la­tive kill range is vic­to­ri­ous, and No Cross, which puts an im­pass­able No Man’s Land be­tween each team. All good ideas, but the re­al­ity doesn’t bear out the prom­ise.

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