Baby blues


While Haruka’s off­spring spends most of the time in your arms slum­ber­ing hap­pily, when it’s awake you’ll fre­quently pine for a babysit­ter. Ev­ery cou­ple of min­utes you’ll be forced into a timed Trou­ble Mis­sion, charged with calm­ing the scream­ing in­fant us­ing one of four mo­tion­con­trolled ges­tures. Get it right, and you’ll fill a por­tion of a bar that, when fully stocked, brings the mis­sion to a close. There’s no ap­par­ent penalty for fail­ure, though en­dur­ing the full two min­utes of a baby cry­ing through your con­troller speaker is pun­ish­ment enough. You’ve no way of know­ing which of the four op­tions will work, and if you get it wrong, the process re­sets. An ac­cu­rate por­trayal of the early days of par­ent­hood, then, and ev­ery bit as fun as it sounds.

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