Birth­place Of Os­sian lets play­ers ex­plore 100km² of vir­tual Scot­tish High­lands. Cre­ator Con­nor Sher­lock has never vis­ited Scot­land him­self, and so pieced to­gether the tones and to­pog­ra­phy of the land­scape from paint­ings, pho­tos and me­mories of watch­ing High­lander. The ter­rain isn’t meant to be viewed from above like a tra­di­tional dio­rama, but when it is, you can see the crisp lines of its square­shaped dis­sec­tion. One of the edges in

Birth­place Of Os­sian isn’t hid­den by moun­tains like the oth­ers, but is in­stead open to the sur­round­ing void. It’s pos­si­ble to fall off the edge into neg­a­tive space. “I wanted the player to be aware of the non-real na­ture of the ter­rain, and the vis­ual lan­guage of dio­ra­mas was easy to lever­age,” Sher­lock says. “In­stead of hid­ing the edge of the game world like most videogame worlds, I wanted to high­light it, and in­vite the player to play with es­cap­ing the bound­aries.”

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