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Cre­ated for the Pico-8 vir­tual con­sole by vet­eran Amiga de­moscener Ilkke Me­len­ti­javic, who’s cur­rently art lead at Aus­tralian in­die stu­dio SMG,

Pröng is a sin­gle­player, high­stress spin on Pong and

Break­out. You con­trol a bat at the bot­tom of the screen and must keep a ball in play. The ball will bounce off of the top, left and right walls, but you’ll lose a life if it dis­ap­pears off the bot­tom of the screen. You’re not locked to that plane, how­ever, and must ven­ture up­wards into the screen to col­lect coins. You can boost by hold­ing Z, and ghost through the deadly ob­sta­cles, which grad­u­ally clut­ter the play area with each com­pleted level by hold­ing X – though the ball can also pass straight through you. The gaudy vi­su­als and un­com­pro­mis­ing chal­lenge re­call the best of Terry Ca­vanagh’s out­put.

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