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A melan­choly at­mos­phere de­scends af­ter a few min­utes spent watch­ing Zkill­board’s

EVEOn­line live map. Red blobs spo­rad­i­cally burst into life and then fade across the cool blue­and-white in­ter­ac­tive star map of EVE’s New Eden. Each tem­po­rary spot of heat rep­re­sents a ship’s de­struc­tion, and by ex­ten­sion a pi­lot’s death, as thou­sands of ex­plor­ers, traders and in­ter­stel­lar ne’er-do-wells go about their busi­ness in this vast uni­verse. Each kill is ac­com­pa­nied by the vic­tim’s pro­file, through which you can learn more about the pi­lot’s stats, in­clud­ing ships de­stroyed, ships lost and who most re­cently brought their life to an end. You can flick be­tween a full map of New Eden or its worm­holes, or fil­ter to Hisec, Lowsec or Nullsec ar­eas. A strangely re­lax­ing, if rather mor­bid, dis­trac­tion.

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