The Surge PC, PS4, Xbox One Nioh and The Ringed City have in­creased our ap­petite for tough Souls – or Soulsin­spired – out­ings, and The Surge will be our first op­por­tu­nity to ex­pe­ri­ence one in a sci-fi set­ting. The lat­est trailer may be all CG, but it does tease a boss fight with a hulk­ing, plasma-cannon-wield­ing tank on tracks. We can’t wait to ruin its day.

Lit­tle Night­mares PC, PS4, Xbox One A chance to run through a more pol­ished ver­sion of the build we played for E302’ s cover fea­ture re­veals a more con­fi­dent show­ing for the toe-curl­ing Jan­i­tor and Six’s won­der­fully tac­tile plat­form­ing.

Nier: Au­tom­ata PC, PS4 Re­view code may not have ar­rived in time for this is­sue, but we’re by no means wor­ried about the state of Plat­inum’s de­but RPG. The Bay­o­netta dev’s peer­less com­bat, and di­rec­tor Yoko Taro’s unique mad­ness, re­main an in­tox­i­cat­ing blend. Plat­inum’s al­ways been a bit left of cen­tre, but it’s never let us ride a moose be­fore.

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