Mak­ing the un­dead


Nat­u­rally, Plague Inc has in­tro­duced zom­bie and vam­pire out­breaks to its list of sce­nar­ios, the ex­ist­ing mod­els pro­vid­ing a chance to ex­plore how they might ac­tu­ally work. “I wanted a sci­en­tif­i­cally plau­si­ble zom­bie out­break,” Vaughan says. “I started out en­joy­ing TheWalk­ingDead but they had no in­ter­est in ex­plor­ing what hap­pened. I lost a huge amount of en­joy­ment at that point – I wanted to know the hows and whys and what would need to hap­pen for it to work. I sat down and thought about the symp­toms, how the world would re­act to it.” Plague Inc’s de­pic­tion is un­abashedly fic­tional, but at­tempts to make its zom­bies and vam­pires as cred­i­ble as pos­si­ble. The zom­bie out­break ex­plores how they can stay am­bu­la­tory with­out breath­ing, so the dis­ease’s symp­toms pro­mote anaer­o­bic res­pi­ra­tion, which leads to lac­tic acid buildup in the brain, which ends up killing the vic­tim. “It’s a thought ex­per­i­ment, to see where things go.”

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