Au­dio hook


Get Even’s au­dio de­sign stands out im­me­di­ately, and com­poser and sound de­signer Olivier Deriv­iere has used the time since we pre­vi­ously saw the game to fur­ther re­fine this as­pect. Now puls­ing bass notes de­scend in par­al­lel with your own de­scent into a build­ing. Black’s pan­icked breath is folded into mu­sic dur­ing a fire­fight so that the sense of dan­ger is un­re­lent­ing, even when hid­den in cover. And one se­quence – dur­ing which you must make your way through a por­tion of the asy­lum while a crazed in­mate leads a cho­rus of other pa­tients bang­ing on doors and chant­ing, “The party, the party, the party…” – is so mem­o­rable we wouldn’t be sur­prised if it joined Por­tal’s cake in the hall of videogame memes.

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